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Should you buy Amish Furniture?

Before you begin your research about Amish Furniture, you should know the information that retailers aren't going to give you!

Start by viewing our Buying Checklist, then continue to read below to find:

  • Amish Furniture Cost Retail vs. Internet
  • Shipping Methods
  • Average Order time 12-16 weeks
  • Furniture Maintenance

What you should know before purchasing Amish Furniture?

Amish Furniture in BuggyThere are many different Amish craftsmen located throughout Ohio & Indiana. Not all Amish Furniture is built with the same quality of craftsmenship. It’s not uncommon for amish stores to switch between builders if needed. The buyer typically is unaware of this, but this could lead to quality issues later down the road.

Sure, most furniture builders can replicate other pieces, but it’s difficult to match the quality of the builder who has been producing the furniture for years. So why would Amish Furniture stores use a different builder? Cost!! If the store is offering you the same piece as another store, but are beating the price significantly, chances are they're using a different shipping service or builder.

Instead of using a traditional shipping carrier such as Packship USA, an amish retailer may use a local amish hauler. While the majority of the time the difference is unnoticed, the furniture is shipped using different methods. Packship USA uses foam in place technology to reduce damage when shipping furniture.

Amish haulers typically use padded blankets, which make it possible for your furniture to become dinged or scratched in transit. This could be the last thing you want to happen, especially if the furniture you've ordered is for a timely event such as Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

When either carrier is used, there are 2 primary methods of shipping, Curbside & White Glove. Curbside delivery will get you 1 delivery driver that will unload the truck curbside and you are responsible for getting the furniture into your home and disposing of all of the packaging. White Glove is when 2 drivers are sent and the furniture is setup in your home, and all of the packaging is removed. White Glove is the better choice of the 2 options considering amish furniture is 100% solid wood and can be very heavy!

Whichever method you choose, you have the option to contact the shipping company directly to obtain a shipping quote. This ensures the company you are purchasing from hasn't increased the cost of shipping, but lowered the price of the product. Also, be sure to check with the store to determine what their return policy is.

Why does amish furniture cost so much less online? Online amish furniture stores have less overhead than a storefront with a physical retail location. Because of this, stores located farthest away from Indiana and Ohio have to charge more for their furniture because it costs more to ship the furniture to them. Many online sites know this, and take advantage of this by being able to undercut the retail stores.

The average order time is 12-16 weeks for Amish Furniture. What happens during these 12-16 weeks?

  • Store Places Order
  • Furniture is Built by Amish Craftsmen
  • Furniture is sent to Stain shop to get stained
  • Shipping company picks up furniture and it's out for delivery

Minimal maintenance will be required for your amish furniture. Clean with lemon oil monthly and use a humidifier if your in a humid area. Your amish furniture will last a lifetime and will be something you can pass from generation to generation.

We hope that reading this guide has better prepared you for making an amish furniture purchase. Be sure to do your comparison shopping, and view our current amish furniture specials and promotion codes.


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