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Buying Checklist

The list below will help you keep track of all the information you need when shopping for Amish Furniture.

  • Amish Builder
  • Dimensions (Length, Width, Height, Depth)
  • Stain Type
  • Wood Type
  • Cost
  • Delivery Fee
  • Delivery Date
  • Tax
  • Total Cost


Buying Tips

Amish Furniuture can be quite large, and you should tape off the dimensions on the floor where you plan on placing the furniture. This will give you a visualization of how much space the furniture will take up. Masking tape can be easily applied and removed.

If your trying to match another wood type, such as a kitchen cabinet. Remove one of your cabinet doors and bring it with you to the store, or have a piece you could send out to an Internet site to color match. Typically there is an additional fee to color match, but most stores can get pretty close without this.

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